holiday hair and makeup roundup

It’s Christmas Eve Eve……and we have the windows open.  This is Ohio people.  It is at the very least suppose to be chilly.  Isn’t snow on Christmas our reward for surviving last year’s deep freeze? (That came after the New Year may we remind you mother nature.). We probably should be enjoying it, and we are.  It is still the hap-hap-happiest time of the year no matter what the temperature says.  We would however like to put in a request for snow next year.  And not a wimpy little dusting.  We want a full fledged, just stepped out of a Thomas Kincade winter scene, type snow.  (With no polar vortex’s attached please).

No matter what kind of weather you’re experiencing this holiday it’s always fun to get a little festive with your look.  We rounded up some of our past favorites.  All easy and perfect for your holly jolly get togethers!

hair_makeup_roundup_20141flirty side up-do 2sparkly holiday makeup 3fancy ponytail 4frosty rose lids 5flirty curls 6warm eyes


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