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Valentine’s day calls for date night, and date night calls for fun, flirty hair. This side-bun is fairly simple and works on several hair types and lengths, making it super versatile- and I promise it takes all of 10 minutes to do.  (Plus some curling time if your hair is straight like mine!)  When styling any updo, start by using whatever “hold” product works best in your hair.  Lately I have been using Tigi Small Talk from about an inch off my scalp through the ends, along with root pump directly on the scalp, before blow drying.  If your hair is naturaly curly, you’re ready to go- if not go ahead and curl your hair.  Be sure to direct the curls away from your face, not forward towards it.  Using your favorite teasing comb (or a regular comb will do), tease the crown of your head, and a bit at the section where your bun will sit to give your pins a better hold.  To begin your updo, grab a few good bobby pins, extra hold hairspray, and shine spray if  you have some.  No biggie if you don’t!
flirty_easy_up_doLets get started!
1. First, gather all of your hair to one side.  If your hair is parted on one side, choose the side with the most hair.  Twist hair in that direction, right at the nape.

2. Insert a bobby pin (or two, depending on how much hair you have), until your twist feels secure.

3. Loosly braid your hair, but do not tie it when you finish.  If your braid seems too tights, pinch small sections and tug them out of the braid.

4. Hold tightly to one small strand, and push the rest of the braid up.

5. With your braid pushed up, it should resemble a loose bun, and you can begin pinning it into the base, where you would like the bun to sit.  Your hair type and the look you are trying to achieve (a loose, messy bun- or a tighter bun) will decide how much you need to pin.  Just keep pinning until it feels secure and looks how you would like it to!

Finsh your style with hairspray, and smooth pieces with shinespray.

There are so many fun variations of this style.  If you know how to fishtail braid, that makes for an awesome bun as well!  Most of all, have fun with it!!




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  1. Gorgeous! We love this simple and stunning updo!


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