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Around 11 weeks into my pregnancy I was told to eliminate physical activity due to a hemorrhage detected on ultrasound.  At the time exercise kept me sane but of course keeping things safe for baby was more important, so off my running shoes went.  The remainder of the pregnancy I promised myself I would get right back into the swing of things post baby.  Bingham is 3 months old.  Let’s just say “past me” is incredibly disappointed with the progress “present me” has made.

There always seems to be a laundry list of reasons why we do not take care of ourselves.  Mine includes adding a baby, unexplained aches and pains (that I have yet to go to doctor to get checked out), nursing, behind on work and obligations to others.  And then of course there is the ultimate excuse: not enough time.  While all of these excuses sound valid, none of them dismiss me from taking care of myself.  I know that I am more productive, less stressed, a better mom, wife and person when I feel good.  Why on earth do I keep putting it off?  There is simply not a good enough excuse.

So here I am, stating out loud that I am no longer going to make a half effort with my physical and mental well being.  This is not going to be easy but there are a few things I can do to help myself out a bit:

  • Drink lots and lots and lots of water.  Most of us are dehydrated (some experts say severely) which causes a myriad of problems from digestion to headaches.  Simply sipping on more H2O throughout they day can make a huge difference.  8 glasses a day is suggested but I always say “once you think you have drank enough, drink more and then some.”
  • Sleep.  Oh this is a big one for me.  I cannot even blame the baby for my lack of sleep because he snoozes like a champ.  It’s shutting off my mind and giving in to the tiredness that keeps me from getting all the zzz’s I need.  Recently I have started plugging my devices into their charger an hour before bed and not looking at them until morning.  This keeps me from doing any social media perusing when I should be focusing on sleeping.


  • Set priorities.  This post is not about weight, jean size or inches lost.  This is about a promise, that we make to ourselves, to put in the time to feel better.  Sticking to a schedule, with no “I just can’t today” days, and holding our own selves accountable.  This morning I really had no desire to throw in the Jillian video.  But not throwing it in meant feeling far worse for way longer than not wanting to throw it in.
  • Healthy Meal Planning Eating Healthy does not have to be difficult.  Nor must you eat healthy all of the time (or at least I can’t).  But having a few good for you recipes under your belt that can easily be whipped up at any time is extremely beneficial.  Here are some of my favorites:

jump_start_11Spanish Chickpea and Spinach Soup with Ginger 2Vegetarian Three Bean Chili 315 Minute White Bean Soup 4Vegetable Parmesan

  • Accountability Health Partner Whether it’s a spouse or friend it is always beneficial to have someone to keep you in check and be there for support when needed.  Sticky and I may not workout together but by seeing him do something healthy makes me want to do the same for myself.  And vice versa.

Here is to better living!  I am only about a week in to my “set” schedule.  Hopefully I can stay on track and happily report a better feeling “me” in the future.






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2 Responses to jump start

  1. that feel-good-feeling after working out (and the days after) are immeasurable. I need to remind myself of that those weeks I get in a slump of working too late, then eating too poorly. even a nice walk around the neighborhood after a late night at the office cheers me up big time! also, now that my husband will be teaching my kickboxing class every so often, I suppose that’s good motivation to actually GO to class too 😛

    best of luck 🙂

  2. stacy says:

    A little bit of me got choked up reading this… don’t get me wrong, I’m more emotional in my “old” age and Joshua seems to love it. However, I can relate to every single part of this. With three kiddos in the house, with two very different schedules and demands, work, life, and everything in the middle I am guilty of the “not enough time” syndrome. I don’t want my days to be about making it through, I want them to be filled with moments of awesomeness and accomplishment. I want my kids to see me conquering the world and also see value in conquering the massive piles of dishes and laundry. To find value in eating healthy and accepting and embracing culture and ethnic cuisine all at the same time. It’s tough being a parent, no matter what your “paying” job is, the parent part is always the most important and for me I feel like when I let “me” slip…. I lose some of the great parent part of me. It’s like they go hand in hand and I don’t notice until it’s too late. Until I’ve snapped at my kids, or ordered take out too many times in a week. Today I said I’m going to schedule a haircut. I’m going to schedule a facial. I’m going to actually finish training for that half marathon I’m running in 4 weeks. Thank you for your post- the truth that lies within it. My kids need me to be my very best- and so does my husband. Leftovers from dinner can be exciting the next day, but the leftovers from mommy are not. Cheers to your adventure in taking back the reigns and kick starting your health and wellness!