these things

These Things

1Yes, I know these chairs are super trendy and will probably look uber silly in a few years but I got to tell you…they were made for families with kids. Bing has tried to personally destroy ours and much to my satisfaction has not even came close to success. We did have to use some Loctite in order to keep the screws from loosening but other than that these have been a dream to use and clean./2My absolute favorite vanilla is Nielsin Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste. The name of the product says it all in this case./3Dressing my man is quite possibly my favorite thing next to dressing my kids. About 6 months ago I purchased several items from River Island’s mens clearance and could not be happier with the clothing. I will be shopping there again, and for the whole family./4For Jettie’s 5th birthday celebration we are going all out with Mary Poppins. Oh the ideas are spreading like wildfire and I am almost overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Must be party season! Absolutely cannot wait for this one!/5While we are on the subject I came across this skirt from H&M and thought how perfect for a Mary Poppins soirĂ©e. The price has me thinking no, but my heart says LOOOOOVE! I mean, it sort of looks like a carper bag pattern. UGH!/6Okay you guys, I really love snapchat. Even though I feel way old hanging out on there I can’t help but enjoy the filters and the silliness. You can find me at ppj_brandyj. (Warning, I am so not cool or funny…lame city in fact.)/7These pancakes, which I didn’t post too long ago, are seriously THE BEST. We have made them 3 times since the post went live. Sort of embarrassing but really just a nod to the fact that we do indeed enjoy our breakfast food. Make them if you have an obsession for the first meal of the day like us!






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