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Often times posts are not instant big hits for the blog unless they are super personal or featured on a well trafficked site at some point. Last month’s baby name post was a big hit for neither of the usual reasons…which tells me you guys and me love us some baby names. We get each other, and I love that.

I want to keep the ball rolling and feature a few more moms and the stories behind their babe’s names:

McCormickKids_1Kristie, a teacher and mom of Landen, Callen & Madden

“When it comes to kids’ names, we like a mix of modern and traditional. We like a modern first name but not one that is overused or extremely popular. The more traditional part of our kids’ names comes in the form of their middle, or baptismal, names. My husband and I both have saints’ names for middle names, and we continued that tradition with our children. In addition, we also liked the idea of honoring family members through middle names.

With our first, we found out we were expecting a girl and chose the name Landen Rose. I had heard of a girl named Landen many years prior and thought it was unique. It was at this time, that I realized I absolutely loved names traditionally held by boys for girls. Give me just about any boy name, and I think it sounds adorable for a girl. The middle name Rose actually worked double-duty because it was my maiden name and my husband’s grandmother’s name, so a family tie on both sides was nice.

For our son Callen Patrick, we did not know his gender before he was born. So when we went to the hospital, we were planning on the names Colbie for a girl and Callen for a boy. I encountered the name Callen on a TV show before I ever had any children. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was our boy name. His middle name is a tribute to my father-in-law.

Our littlest, Madden Michael, posed the biggest debate for us. If he were a girl, we would have had him named twenty times over. We had girl names for days. However, this SECOND boy threw us for a loop. Although we hadn’t planned on having all of our kids’ names ending the same way, with the -en sound, it certainly felt like we needed to continue what we had started. We debated three names for months, none of which we were in LOVE with and that frustrated me. Finally, I woke from a nap during my third trimester with the name Madden on the tip of my tongue and knew it was perfect. [Why I hadn’t just checked my Steve Madden shoes for a little baby name help, I have now clue!] The middle name Michael actually came while we were waiting on induction at the hospital. His planned middle name just didn’t have the right ring to it, so at the last minute we decided to use my husband’s middle name, Michael.”

Also considered:

[Blake, Colbie & Graycen (girls); Brennan, Cason & Camden (boys)]

clyde_fall2015_05Jordanne, mom of daughters Althea & Vada

“Finding the perfect name was exciting, stressful, and became what seemed like a full time job, but I loved every second of it! We knew we wanted something different but not too different, something classic or vintage, and that no one we knew or knew of had used. Early on we both loved the name Vada but we weren’t set on it. It seemed too easy, like how could this be the name there are still several months until she arrives. After searching and searching I came across the name Althea on a baby name chart from 1880 to the early 1900’s. I called my husband at work and he loved it, and that was it. We told ourselves that if we ever had another girl maybe she would be Vada. Luckily second time around we got another girl and the name Vada just felt right the whole time. Although if Vada would have been a boy we loved the name Urban. (Sorry Urban Meyer, at the time I didn’t even know who you were).

I think we struggled most with middle names with both girls. Monroe was on our list of first names and we ended up liking how it sounded as a middle name. Our first baby girl was named, Althea Monroe. Vada was more difficult to pair with a middle name. Thanks to Brandy J for suggesting Berlynn to me after she saw it on another blog. We had our second baby girl named, Vada Berlynn.

(We still have one more girl name that is top secret, that we adore, but it might have to turn into a future pets name!)”

Loved but didn’t make the cut:

[Busy & Harlow]

12896431_10208374767554026_1661388463_oEbany, mom of Cash, Maverik, Azalea & Zetta

“I always knew that if I was blessed with children, I wanted their names to be unique and meaningful.  I consider my name to be somewhat different and have always loved its unique identity I felt from it, so of course, I wanted the same for my children.

Back in our “dating years” I will never forget when Kyle looked at me and said “if we ever have a boy I want to name him Cash.”  I immediately fell in love it and was smitten over the fact that we shared the same taste in names.  Cash comes from my husbands love for Johnny Cash and his ability to love the downtrodden! So there was no doubt that our first born would be named Cash Michael, Michael is a family name.

Surprise, here comes Baby #2 and we found out it was another boy!  We searched every baby name book and websites.  We came across Maverik, which means “independent” and thats exactly what our Maverik James is!  James is also a family name.  

When we decided to try for baby # 3 it didn’t come as easy as we anticipated.  We lost one precious babe along the way and shortly after became pregnant again. This time it was a girl, you can imagine my excitement!  After naming two boys I was on the search for the perfect girls name, which wasn’t an easy task.  I stumbled across Azalea (A-zale-ya), which is a beautiful southern flower and very popular in Florida, a place that holds a very special place in our hearts. It is where Kyle and I reunited and relationship “blossomed” so that sealed the deal on Miss Azalea Kevine (Kev-een).  Kevine is after my father Kevin, who passed away when I was a young.

Fast forward six months and we are back at the name game and the ultrasound confirmed another girl!  Kyle quickly started calling her Zetta, which was the runner up to Azalea.  Although, I wasn’t quite ready to settle, so the search was on.  When the day finally came to meet our girl, Zetta was the one name that I couldn’t let go of.  The fact that daddy had been calling her that for months, may have been the cause.  I loved that Zetta felt like the perfect compliment to sister Azalea. So Zetta Lynae made us a family of six.  Lynae is a version of Lynn after Kyle’s mom.”

Close but no cigar:

[Jagger, Porter, Lenox & Seager (boys); Navy, Creedence, Georgia, Langston, Novah & Joplin (girls)]

Thank you to Kristie, Jordanne and Ebany! Beautiful names for even more beautiful children!

If you would like to be considered to share the story behind your baby names feel free to email me at (or click on the envelope in the top right hand corner).



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  1. Alex C. says:

    I love these posts, and hearing the history behind very unique baby names. You come up with such creative topics for your blog, and it is always a favorite, daily read for me. Would also enjoy hearing about the history behind the blog name and it’s formation! Perhaps an idea for a future post? 😉