these six

These Six1I’ve got Mickety on the brain bad lately and these socks simply had to find their way into Sticky’s sock bin./2who knew some funky yarn, a few popsicle sticks, some sparkly teeth and a couple of eyeballs would make such a cute monster. Jettie is in love with her and still deciphering a name./3My favorite fall beer. Not too heavy yet just full enough to feel like the season./4“MAGNIFICENT (That means you are grand from your toes to your chin. Take a deep breath and let that sink in.)” Reading those words to my babies gives me a satisfaction I never knew. “The Crown on Your Head” by Nancy Tillman is one of our regular favorites. A highly suggested read for your library./5soup is officially on rotation in our home and this vegetarian chili makes an appearance almost weekly. Satisfying and yummy!/6if you happen to see me ugly crying in my car.. rest assured it’s just Meghan Trainor and John Legend singing their hit song and making me bawl. “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” sums up what unconditional love feels like and good grief I can barely take listening to it. Losing someone you love deeply is a hurt like no other.. yet loving someone in a pure, genuine, with everything you’ve got kind of way allows a sort of beauty in your life that not even your wildest imagination could dream up. I can’t think of anything better than that. (And now I need to go hug my man and kids…)



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