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preschool lookToday was a day I couldn’t even of fathomed a few years ago. I vividly remember staring at my little baby and thinking “This one won’t grow too fast.” “She’ll be itty bitty forever.”

Then I blinked and we are purchasing an 8 pack of markers and a box of tissues for her and her classmates to share. We have a 4 going on 24 year old…how did this happen?

Luckily, she is softening the blow for us by bursting at the seams with joy. Yesterday she had a perma-grin that would have made you think she was about to visit Disney World. We kept looking at each other with those “oh my gosh this parenting thing is awesome” smiles. When your kid is happy, you are happy. No, you are more than just happy – you are a kind of elated that fills you up from your toes to the top of your head. Best. Feeling. Ever.

preschool look

The posing…what can I say other than I taught her everything she knows.

preschool lookThat smile. Gah! She made it almost impossible for me to be sad…of course my heart nearly imploded from all the happiness so I guess that is sort of the same thing.

preschool look||WEARING||Old Navy shirt/shorts similar (but not really, I cannot find kitty cat shorts at the moment)/Gap slip on shoes

Before we were done taking pictures Jettie said “But what about one with Bingham and the whole family?” This girl and her heart – we must be doing something right.

preschool lookBefore we know it college will be next…ugh, I think my stomach just jumped up my throat.

Happy school year to all the kids and parents!



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