strawberry mint juleps

strawberry mint julepWith the Derby and Mother’s Day falling on the same weekend I declare nothing but brunch food, mint juleps and mimosas for two days. As far as juleps go I’ve got you covered with this one. Light, fruity and sweet – not a “grow hair on your chest” sort of julep. Instead it’s for the lightweights like me, you know, the ones who prefer to spend Mother’s Day feeling delightful.

strawberry mint julep strawberry mint julepWhile I am no bourbon aficionado I do know you want to use good bourbon for a julep. My guess is whenever bourbon is to be consumed you always want to use the good stuff. The other is pig s#%t as my husband proclaims. “Might as well drink rubbing alcohol.”

strawberry mint julep strawberry mint julepHere’s to a wonderful weekend full of fun! Enjoy!


Brandy J


strawberry mint juleps
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 1cup strawberries, stem removed, hulled and diced
  • ¼cup loosely packed mint leaves
  • ¼cup simple syrup
  • 3ozcup bourbon
  • club soda
  1. Place strawberries, mint leaves and simple syrup in a small pitcher or large jar. Muddle with a mortar or back of a wooden spoon for a few minutes. You want to really break up the berries and mint. Add bourbon and stir.
  2. Fill 2 small glasses with crushed ice. Fill to about ¼" of the top of glass with bourbon mixture. Top off with a splash of club soda. Enjoy!

Strawberry Mint Juleps

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2 Responses to strawberry mint juleps

  1. such a perfect summer cocktail. i am totally wishing i had one of these in hand right now!

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