date night ready purse

Date nights are kind of random and really spontaneous in our world. Regardless of how much advance notice I have, prep always seems to be last minute. This is why I love to keep my small “date” clutch already loaded with things I may need or have forgotten. Add a phone, id and some sun-shiggities and I am ready to roll.

So what’s in the bag? Lip balm and lip gloss – as you guys know I am bad about taking care of my lips so these are musts. Travel dry shampoo – this used to be hairspray but I am finding the dry shampoo is more of a need these days. Sample perfume tube – because I never wear it’s nice to have handy if I’m feeling up for smelling good. (Sticky has zero sense of smell so it would be just for me.) Earrings – I love what a pair of hoop earrings adds to a look yet I rarely remember to put them on until I’m in the car. That’s why the bag is stocked with a set. Fashion tape – this may seem like a strange item but this stuff comes in handy more than you would think. I’ve even taken care of a few wardrobe malfunctions for my man with this handy dandy tape. (Button pops off, exposing Simon Cowell amount of chest hair, and poof, fashion tape to the rescue.)

Date Night Ready Purse

What do you keep stocked in your bag?






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