belly friends forever

1My last official appointment with the physical therapist has come and gone. The diastatis recti is not completely closed but she felt confident to send me on my way, only wanting an update at the end of January…depending on where my back pain is we will reassess from there.

Thanks to this gap in my belly I have learned a few things: One being that sit-ups are not the way to take care of ones core. The second is that strength lies within being honest with yourself and others, specifically your care providers, about things that are not the most comfortable to talk about. And lastly, my body is not going to do what I want it to do by simply powering through a diet and workout plan and not loving it [my body] along the way.

We played “Family Feud” at a recent gathering. (My BIL is all about games, he has even conjured up a few himself.) One of the surveys was something like “Name something people avoid looking at when they feel fat.” I kept whispering “stomach, stomach, stomach” to my mother in law. It was the very first thing that popped in my head for this reason and this reason only…I hate my stomach.

I have always envied those of you with long torsos and athletic, yet not too athletic flat stomachs. When you sit there’s no lifting of the front of your pants because there is no “flop” to tuck in. At my thinnest and most fit I still have flop to call my own…post 2 kiddos and naturally, that flop is slightly bigger. (Squishier too.)

This belly of mine beats me up on a regular basis. Every time I sit the “flop” rears it’s ugly head. The diastatis recti has it protruding more than normal, especially if I have not worn my binder in a couple of days…so much so that I was asked if I was expecting the other day (the exact words were “Is that a baby?” as the person’s hand touched my belly. That was definitely an “I want to disappear” moment.)

Here’s the thing though, if I hate my belly it’s going to hate me right back. So instead I am determined to mend the friendship between me and my gut. Forgive myself for eating the junk the last few days and not allow unwarranted comments deflate my determination. Our core is our center, the main workhorse of our bodies. Without it we would be as limp as a marionette puppet. I feel lucky to have a core and ashamed that I ever despised or ignored it.

Are you going to see me in a 2 piece anytime soon? Hell no. I don’t like those things even when I do feel awesomely fit. What I am hoping you will see is someone who feels more confident and more in charge of my health. Learning how to correct and ultimately live with controlling this diastatis recti has been such an eyeopener for me and how I view my body. As much as I would love not to have this issue in my core, I am grateful that it is there to force me to focus on it’s overall well being.

IMG_8368So, by the end of January I hope to report strong core, little back pain and BFF status between me and my tummy.






PS I wasn’t about to post a pic of my belly, but I opted for the 2 cutest ones I have ever laid eyes on. Jettie’s toddler belly game was beyond legit!

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One Response to belly friends forever

  1. Sending happy and healthy wishes! I often come here and love it! We still make your blueberry bread and devour it every single time.