tooth ferry and crew

Sorry for the posting fail. We are away and the internet is not quite as in tact as I hoped. (Plus I am on vacation and not stressing so I sort of tried once and then said whatever.) There are posts set to go for this week and I will get them up, eventually…

Halloween this year was chaotic, cute and fun. Just as Halloween should be, right?! It is quite the whirlwind weekend, one that is well worth it once you see those littles in their costumes. This year we went with a tooth fairy theme since Jettie really wanted to be a fairy (and specifically the tooth fairy after she learned what she actually was). I am obsessed with how dreamy her dress turned out.. and that tooth, oh that tooth! That is one snuggable molar! (Thanks to my mom for Bing’s wonderful costume!)

halloween_2015_2A few outtakes to show the true side of Halloween.

tooth fairy costumeSticky and I threw on our costumes for the afternoon trick-o-treating. Our tradition is to hand out candy as opposed to taking the kids door to door. Jettie loved being in charge of the candy-handing-out this year. And Bing, well..he mostly just got mad because we wouldn’t let him eat his weight in candy.

tooth fairy costume

Another fantastic year in the books! (We still get asked if we are the spaghetti house – I am not sure we will ever top that costume.)






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