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Believe it or not yoga was not an exercise I was even remotely interested in trying until recently. My reasoning for this was simple – I like action. I want to jump, lunge and run over and over again until I can’t jump, lunge or run anymore. Yoga always seemed too slow paced for me…with a lot of focus on breathing and poses. There was no way I could shut my mind off enough to simply think about breathing and where my arms and legs are positioned. That is until I tried it once…and now, well you could say I am intrigued.

What sparked my interest in said exercise? Mostly looking to mix things up in my regular workout routine and admittedly Giada de Laurentiis (slightly red-faced fessing up to this). I have always been curious how she can love pasta, cheese and chocolate as much as she does yet maintains an incredibly lean figure. Of course I am well aware that A. she may not really eat much of all those things, B. she has a personal trainer and C. (the obvious one) she is on the extremely lean side – definitely not for everyone. But with all that being said, every article I have ever read about Giada has her doting over yoga. One in particular claimed that she used to be a gym rat but now only does 3 1-hour sessions of yoga a week with some hiking mixed in here and there. For whatever reason I never forgot reading that…or maybe the reason is that I subconsciously wanted some yoga in my life. And that is why we are here.

What I know about yoga: nothing. I mean yes, there’s breathing and posing and centering…but the reality is I know nothing. My experience thus far involves this beginner video which shockingly I have enjoyed using the past few weeks:

71wTWu8aZnL._SL1443_What surprises me even more is how refreshed I feel after a mere 20 minute session. All that focus on breathing really does center a person. As far as the posing…well, let’s just say I have a ways to go (especially considering this is a beginner video).

I want to know more though, which is why I am turning to any and all yoga experts out there. DVDs I can do at home are vital for me – it’s simply easier with my schedule and the kids. Sticky did give me Jillian’s Yoga Inferno (which I am terrified to try) but I am wondering what other DVDs would be ideal for a newbie like me. As well as any youTubers worth following. Any and all advice is welcome – I am sure there are others out there interested in learning more as well. (Considering most yoga-obsessors I have seen are in amazing shape – we would love to know your secrets!)


As far as working out in general is going, it has been a rough 7 days or so. I blame all the party craziness. It takes a lot of willpower to do something for myself, like exercise, when I have a plate the size Mount Rushmore I could be doing instead. But those times are the ones where we need to remind ourselves that the plate will clear faster and more efficiently if we take care of our body, mind and soul first. I am pretty good about staying on track, but that reminder took some extra pushing this past week for sure. And it feels good to have pushed through it.

Here’s to taking care of “us” and loving it (not feeling guilty over it)!




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One Response to yoga newbie

  1. Victoria Klausing says:

    I started my yoga journey with youtube series “30 Days of Yoga with Adriene”. She’s so down to earth and teaches you all about yoga while you’re doing your daily 20-30 minute session! I was also like you, never thought I would be interested in yoga, but I found it to be very relaxing and even spiritual for me. I used this time as an opportunity to clear my head and spend time in prayer while focusing on my breathing. It’s so weird that you don’t notice how poor your breathing is until someone asks you to focus on it – I tend to hold my breath while working out and had never noticed before! Have fun on your new yoga venture 🙂