in a clutch

As much as I love this month it is proving to be especially crazy this year. Add on jury duty for Sticky and a sudden surge in etsy orders for me and we have full on chaos in our home. But it’s good chaos – and that’s all that matters.

Our crazy started last weekend when my guy was in a wedding. A kid free event which meant I not only got to be fancy, but could wear almost anything I wanted. (You know, since I didn’t have to bend over every 5 seconds or be ready for a full on sprint at any moment.)

Of course as it goes I wasn’t as prepared as one would hope. It’s always the little things that get me. Like the nails that are chipped or forgetting something huge – like hairspray. Lucky for me there was a Target within walking distance of our hotel. But even at that I should have had my clutch ready for the evening. And these are a few things that should have been on my list:

clutch_ready_20151Kenra Professional Hairspray 25 basically don’t leave home without it ladies. And stock up on the travel sizes if you can get your hands on them./2Deodorant for those times when you’re feeling good and dancing hard…except when you notice things aren’t so good because you have been dancing hard. It happens and deodorant is your defense./3Fashion Tape for the clothes we love that do not love to stay put. Also an instant best friend maker for others who find themselves in a wardrobe malfunction situation./4Bra Converting Clip with razorback being the “it” shape lately a girl cannot count on her most favorite bra staying in place. This little gem with save you from having to resort to a strapless./5Neutral Polish something that needs to be in all my favorite purses. I’m not good about making time for my nails – a shade that goes with everything can save me from a lot of embarrassing “please don’t look at my piggies” situations./6Lip Gloss while I am horrible about my nails, it’s my lips that get the shaft more than anything. I swear I lose more glosses and balms than I do bobby pins – which is really saying something. All my clutches need lip gloss as permanent residents…because let’s face it, if I have my clutch there’s a good chance I am somewhere that warrants an extra pretty lip.

What is a must in your clutch?



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One Response to in a clutch

  1. Brooke says:

    Amen to number 1, I can not use anything else that holds that well.