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If you landed here with high hopes for a yummy recipe you’re about to find yourself disappointed.  I’m breaking the mold a bit today and not sharing a recipe, because, well, to be honest these salted caramel cookie bars didn’t exactly come out as I had hoped.  My first mistake was that I used too small of a pan, so they were a bit thick.  Honestly, they taste pretty good- they just aren’t something you can’t live without, which isn’t really good enough if you ask me.  (Personally, if I am about to shove my face with caramel and chocolate it better be well worth the calories!) So, these need a bit of work.

Honestly, I could have quickly whipped something else up to share today, but after a crazy busy week of cookies- I decided me and my oven are just due for a little space from each other.  (Don’t worry- we will surely reconcile tomorrow.)  I just need a little break.

After a few weeks of go, go, go I find myself in that lull of exhaustion, where suddenly, you realize you aren’t really doing anything well.  I’m flopping things I put in the oven, yelling at my husband over bottled water (yes, bottled water), not making time to sit on the floor and play, not giving anything my undivided attention and forgetting the importance of being intentional with the moments of my day.  We’ve all been there.  It’s an ugly place.

Today I am staring at the words above and remembering how important they are to my heart.  Be fully there.  Sip some tea, get lost in a book, get lost in laughter.  


(A few things I am getting lost in: The beginning of Parenthood, since I aparently was missing out on the best show ever.  Thank you, Netflix.  This beautiful, yummy tea.  These grace-filled words on parenting well.)

You guys, our time here is too precious.




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