Sipping my coffee this morning and sifting through what felt like 100s of Black Friday emails I began to miss what I loved most about this time of year – the magic.  As a child it was impossible to escape.  Everything gave me goosebumps – from the lights, to the music, to that walk down the stairs Christmas morning.  I could never get enough of it.

Today I still love the magic.  In fact more than ever.  There is something about seeing it unfold through a 3 year old’s eyes…it fills my heart with more joy than I could have ever imagined.  And then there are times when I am caught off guard, in the middle of being an adult, and brought right back to my own childhood wonderment.  This ad by Burberry took me there.  Hopefully it will you too.

(FYI, the young boy starring in this ad just happens to be Victoria and David Beckham’s son Romeo.  He is beyond gorgeous and obviously talented.  But was there ever a question we wouldn’t be?)

Hopefully that made your soul tingle a little while scoring those holiday deals (or better yet while you are cuddled on the couch with someone you love).

Here’s to magic!







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One Response to magic

  1. Patricia Ann says:

    Wow, that is Beautiful, and surely sends a message! Love!