happy halloween!

Happy Halloween from the characters of Candyland!

candyland_costumes_halloween_2014_1Princess Frostine and Lolly looking fabulous:

candyland_costumes_halloween_2014_2The gingerbread man with a little love for his buddy Locke:

candyland_costumes_halloween_2014_3The Maxeys as Gramma Nutt, King Kandy and Princess Frostine:

candyland_costumes_halloween_2014_4 candyland_costumes_halloween_2014_5The Rammels as Lord Licorice, Mr Mint, Lolly and Gingerbread Man:

candyland_costumes_halloween_2014_6 This is year #3 dressing up together!  While we could not participate on our town’s traditional Trick-Or-Treat day it was still worth dressing up and being silly for these two princesses.  (Even if everyone who drove by thought we were a little looney.)candyland_costumes_halloween_2014_7Wishing everyone the Happiest of Halloweens!  Don’t forget to tag #ppjhalloween so we can see your costumes!


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