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Typically I gather a collection of links for this type of post.  Simple web addresses that have recently made me smile, laugh and sometimes cry.  Whether it’s a product, video, quote or image those things, for whatever reason, made me feel something.  I struggled finding the right fit today and for the longest time I could not figure out why.  Sitting at my dining room table, with towers of baby girl clothes looming over me, it suddenly hit me.  These things are making me smile, laugh and cry.

garage_sale_3Tomorrow is the garage sale I have been dreading since finding out we were having a boy.  Mostly I did not want to face the monstrous task of going through all of Jettie’s clothes (to say I went a little overboard while pregnant with her would be an understatement).  But as soon as the lid came off of the first bin I knew my heart was in trouble.  So many wonderful memories are wrapped up in these tiny onesies, footie jammies and itty bitty shoes.  Saying goodbye to them feels like I am saying goodbye to my baby girl.  My first baby.  The baby we weren’t sure we were ever going to get to say hello to.  Of course I realize they are only things.  But they are things that spark incredible moments in my memory bank.  Her first pair of skinny jeans that had us in stitches over their cuteness.  The onesies Jettie and Adelynn wore their first Halloween together (which is still their favorite holiday).  That porcupine shirt that melted me and Sticky on the spot every single time she had it on.  Item after item my soul goes to these moments.

garage_sale_4But the reality is that they truly are just things.  It is time for another mommy to slip that cute little romper on the baby girl she has dreamed about.  Hopefully someday she will pull a piece of Jettie’s clothing out of her baby’s bin and smile at the memory it triggers (or cry a little).

If you are local and have a baby or toddler girl to shop for we would love to see you (details here)!  Apologies in advance if I am a sobbing hot mess.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!






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