5 minute strawberry frozen yogurt


Last week at my checkup I had my routine glucose screening test that checks to be sure you haven’t developed gestational diabetes with pregnancy.  If you have ever had one you know that they are nasty and miserable.  (If you haven’t, let me nutshell this for you: 5 minutes to chug flat soda that tastes like syrup to the point that your throat burns a bit when you are done, followed by an hour of feeling like you just ate 5 Snickers candy bars, followed by a blood drawl.  Are you having fun yet?)  If you fail the screening you have to come back and do it again, this is time waiting three hours for results.  So anyways, this test has been on my mind the past few days, because to be honest if they called and told me that I am no longer allowed to indulge in a few hot fudge milkshakes every week I would most likely have a complete breakdown.  Seriously, don’t take my milkshakes from me.  (Speaking of these- I know it sounds like a strange milkshake flavor choice, but trust me on this one, and try one next time you swing through Rocky Top.  Game changer.)

Yesterday they called, and yes I wanted to do a cartwheel when they told me I passed, and that hot fudge milkshakes are not being ripped from my world.  (I initially panicked because phone calls are usually bad- but I guess they figured I was due for a good call.)  In all seriousness though, this all got me feeling bad about my sweet tooth, and searching for some healthier ways to satisfy it.  Or maybe just for days that Rocky Top is closed.  I don’t know.  Whatever. 


This frozen yogurt is awesome, you guys.  Four ingredients in your food processor for 5 minutes, and voila! you’ve got this fresh summer treat.


5 minute strawberry frozen yogurt
  • 4 cups frozen strawberries
  • 3 tbsp agave nectar or honey
  • ½ cup yogurt (I used plain greek)
  • juice of one lemon
  1. Simply add ingredients to food processor and blend for five minutes until smooth!


You could use a combination of frozen berries for a spin on this, that I’m sure would taste yummy!  We loved how fresh it tasted- and it is not over-the-top sweet.  This recipe was found on Just A Taste, where lots of other healthy treats can also be found!

(P.S. It was also Scraddle & Sketts approved.  Our girls gobbled it up!)



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4 Responses to 5 minute strawberry frozen yogurt

  1. My (almost) 2-year old asks for ice cream EVERY day and I make him something similar to this because its obviously far better for you and soooooo delicious! And your pics are gorgeous and make me want to eat some right now =)

  2. dina says:

    i love healthy frozen treats. yum!

  3. Kate says:

    Ohhhh, I just love the colors in this post! Beautiful! This frozen yogurt looks like such a delicious and simple treat.

  4. wow, I love frozen yogurt, this must be delicious. Great pictures!