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We are super super super excited for today!!  It’s ultrasound day and we finally get to hopefully know the gender of this sweet babe growing inside me.  I could hardly sleep last night, the anticipation of this sort of thing just eats at me.  I remember being really excited for the ultrasound that revealed that Adelynn was indeed a girl- but with her pregnancy I just knew she was a girl.  I was painting things for her walls far before that ultrasound and I wasn’t the least bit surprised when the words “it’s a girl” appeared across the screen.  This time is so different though.  I genuinely have not the slightest clue.  We will be equally excited either way- I’m just ready to know!  So stay tuned for that news a little later on today…

Until then- some great beauty hacks have been catching my eye and I wanted to share a few that I’ve really been drawn to or even tried!  Who doesn’t love a good beauty hack?


1. Do you curl your lashes?  I don’t- but I have lots of friends that do.  To really see results, hold the curler in front of your blow drier for 3-5 seconds.

2. Need dandruff relief?  Add 2 crushed aspirin to your favorite shampoo- the salicylic acid breaks down dead skin cells and product buildup.

3. Glitter nail polish is fabulous- but have you ever tried to remove it?  Yikes.  Paint a thin layer of Elmers glue as a base coat- and when you are ready to remove your polish peel it off easily without the headache.

4. Don’t waist your money on lip products that are triple the price because they “enhance your pucker”. Instead, add a drop of DoTerra Peppermint essential oil to your favorite gloss for the same effect!

5. Make your mascara last a bit longer by adding a few drops of saline solution when you notice it getting dry.  Stir it up- you’ve got fresh mascara, good as new!

6. Use chapstick not only for your dry lips, but also for your dry nose!  Rub around the base of your nose to heal and protect dry skin.

7. For DIY falsies add a normal coat of mascara, then dip a q-tip in baby powder and apply it to lashes as well.  Add another layer (or two. or three.) of mascara to create a dramatic look, without the hastle of falsies.

8. In a crunch, use your mascara as liner.  Simply use an angled brush dipped in mascara- voila! You’ve got liner.

9. Wet hair in a time crunch is my worst enemy.  Use paper towels to dry your hair in place of your bath towel- they absorb way more moisture!! (Don’t do this often, it’s not very nice to the environment!)

10. Use dry shampoo not just between washes- it’s also great for styling!  Add before curling for extra hold.

We would love to hear your favorite beauty hacks!


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4 Responses to beauty hacks

  1. Lindsay McCoy says:

    For those early mornings when my appearance is just plain exhausted, I add a touch of white eyeliner to the bottom and inside corner of my eyelids for a fresh, bright-eyed morning look.

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