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link_love_0221141SOS Children’s Villages Norway “Would you give your jacket to Johannes?” Video regardless of language it’s impossible to watch this and not be moved.  Children all over the world are freezing, there is never a bad time to donate warm clothing. 2Why Sex and the City Is Still Important, 10 Years Later fabulous article about my all time favorite television series.  SATC will always be relevant because it brought fashion, a city, designer shoe awareness and women empowerment to mainstream America.  I will forever and always love Carrie, Charlotte. Miranda and Samantha. 3And speaking of shoes Spring Booties are all the rage this season.  Light tones and airy cutouts are perfect for this transition season.  4Dinner A Love Story a blog and now book dedicated to helping busy families get meals on the table.  Encouraging parents and children to prepare meals together and use food as an everyday bonding tool. 5Bringing Up Bèbe is a book gifted to me by my sweet man during my first pregnancy.  Being the awful procrastinator I am it was never read until now.  French parenting is interesting and something worth learning about especially from the perspective of an American.  No matter one’s parenting style I think there is something everyone can take from this book. 6Lil Man Apparel – believe it or not I have yet to purchase more than a clearance pair of lounge pants.  I am however getting more and more intrigued by what is out there, especially as summer styles roll into stores.  Now having one of each I will admit that there are far less “non-typical-cutesy” options for boys than girls.  These pieces from Old Navy however have me swooning.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




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