makeup for small eyes

Meet Hannah, my gorgeous sister-in-law who has been in Ohio visiting for a bit.  In this wintery weather, we have not been out much- but I had the chance to dress her eyes up a few times.  Many girls with smaller eyes feel like they can’t do much where shadow is concerned, but thats not necessarily the truth.  Figuring out where to put it, and how to enlarge your eyes is key.

To get started, you just need two brushes, a few basic naturals, and one really dark shade, such as black.

(Pictured is Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette, that I love, and MAC’s “carbon”, a great matte black.  Angled brush similar here. )


1. To begin, prep your lid with primer, and cover your entire lid with the lightest shade, concentrating it on the innermost corner.

2. Using a medium/light brown shade, follow the natural crease of your lid.

3. Using an angled brush, and your darkest shade (black for Hannah), trace and accentuate the lid.  (For a day-to-day look- stop here! Add mascara and you have a natural day look!)

4. If you want to take your look a bit darker, continue the black shade line a bit further out.

5. Using your crease line that you accentuated in step 2, fill the outter corner of your eye with your dark shade, working in light, sweeping motions.

6. Use a light brown to darken the entire lid a bit, and use angled brush to trace lower lid as well.

Small eyes just mean that you need to find a shape that works for you, not that you can’t have fun with shadow!




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