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This time of year brings on so many wonderful feelings mixed in with a giant gulp of guilt.  There never seems to be enough time to absorb all the magic that is there for the taking.  Currently I am in the weeds with editing, staring at a home that has yet to be decorated and wondering how on earth “the list” will ever be checked off.  And even though we end each season with “next year we will do better” it never changes – it is always crazy.  Thankfully what has changed is our attitudes.  No longer will work or others be put ahead of the things that make us a family, the things that make us smile and the things that remind us what living is truly all about.  Because if we skip the memories that solidify us nothing else matters, including work.  Traditions feed my soul and give me the boost I need to get through each of these busy days.  They are my lifeline and my promise – time will always be made for them, no matter what.

The year we became pregnant with Jettie was such a special one.  Our journey to her was not without bumps and to finally be able to tell the world we were pregnant was the best gift we could have ever asked for.  I’ll never forget that picture perfect snowy day that we began our tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree.  Something we had always talked about and officially started when our family was about to grow.

tree_tradition_1 tree_tradition_2The following year our Jettie was here and we were ecstatic to take her to the tree farm.  She of course had no idea what was going on, which was amusing to us.

tree_tradition_3 tree_tradition_4In 2012 we had a walker which meant we had a little extra “help”.  She was so proud to walk with her Daddy after cutting down the tree.

tree_tradition_5 tree_tradition_6And then this year she actually chopped down the tree herself (kidding… her daddy was standing right beside her to grab the saw just in case).  We made the mistake of going on Black Friday – while we still had fun we decided that less busy days of the season are better for us.  Nonetheless a beautiful (undecorated) canaan fir is standing proudly in our living room.

tree_tradition_7 tree_tradition_8We joke that some year time will get away from us and our “tree cutting” tradition will be choosing a tree in the parking lot of a grocery store.  And honestly that’s more than ok, as long as we are together and it is documented is all that matters.  I am not the super photographer mom of capturing all moments with my big girl camera but certain traditions I will always be sure to grab it.  This is one of them.

Cheers to your family traditions!




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6 Responses to tree tradition

  1. I love the smell of a real tree, but it just doesn’t work for us, especially this year. maybe one day we will pick up a tiny one from that grocery store parking lot (actually, sidewalk sales here, parking is too hard to come by to fill up a lot with trees)and start a tradition of a real tree… I first have to get rid of all my glittery ornaments so that roommate of mine stops turning into mr scrooge because there’s glitter “all over the house” haha

    cheers and happy holidays 🙂

    • prettyplainjanes says:

      Jenn – It sounds so simple but EVERYONE needs to see NYC during the holidays at least once in their lives. I LOVE those corner tree lots on the sidewalks and yes you should totally get one. We missed a visit this year but hopefully soon. I think after Jettie turns 5 we will be making a trip there for some family holiday, city style. 🙂 Have a wonderful season! – brandy j

  2. Renee says:

    Love your tradition and you will have so many memories with your wonderful family. Whether on a beautiful tree farm or in a grocery store lot, or wherever, I’m sure the memory will always be that your family was together.

    • prettyplainjanes says:

      Thank you Renee! Family is what it is all about! Merry Christmas to your beautiful family! – brandy j

  3. Kim Haas Lancaster says:

    I love your tradition, my family had a little different one. We would go pick out a live tree and then after Christmas we would take it out and put it in the pre-dug hole. My Dad lined the property with those trees and how beautiful a Blue Spruse is at night with lights shinning on them!!!!

    • prettyplainjanes says:

      Kim – That sounds so wonderful! We unfortunately have nowhere to plant a tree, we do however place it in my parents pond after the season for the fish to lay their eggs (also adds protection). Some year though I would really like to purchase a planted tree. Have a wonderful holiday! – brandy j