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lovely_links1What does my coffee say about me?  I am a half & half no sweetener drinker most days so I guess that makes me moody and over-extended.  Sounds about right. 2Plaid is a timeless pattern that has it’s moments of fame – now being one of them.  Red plaid needed to be in my life and this shirt fit the bill perfectly. 3Who wouldn’t want to wrap up in some cozy polka dots?  Since I have officially been cut off from purchasing anything for myself (starts immediately so that plaid shirt doesn’t count) this blanket will be going on my Christmas list. 4Saw this “50 things you will never forget” link on FB last night and couldn’t help but smile.  The raindrop race was definitely a past time of mine – as well as spending sick days with Bob Barker. 5Full length sequin maxi skirt.  You want to drop this off a little early Santa?  It would come in quite handy for holiday soirees. 6Coming off two big road trips has left me a Dunkin Donuts addict.  I need some munchkins, an egg and cheese whole grain bagel sandwich and a large coffee with light cream.  And I need it now. 7Cognac wedge boots.  Again Santa, this should be of no surprise to you.  Remember if they run small I am a 7.5, 7 otherwise.  Thanks big guy.

Happy Weekend Everyone!




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