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Brandy J:

brandy_loving_lately1 Neil Hilborn’s reading of his own poem.  Beautiful and tragic.  This is not about understanding or relating to his extreme case of OCD.  This is about a man who fell in love and then lost the girl.  A powerful reminder that we all have real feelings regardless of our disabilities. 2 A sexy black jumpsuit.  I can’t get it out of my head.  One must be had for a date night look.  If I can pull it off I am fairly certain Sticky would love it.  My eye is currently on this one and this one. 3 Emails to Jettie.  We started sending her emails shortly after she was born thinking it would be a nice thing for her to have as an adult.  Turns out it’s a nice thing for me to have now.  I find such comfort in talking to her – I can only hope she finds comfort in them someday as well.  4 Is it just me or are tea towels sweeping the nation?  I swear they have been everywhere lately and goodness they could not be cuter.  Love this set by Blackbird Tees.


shan_loving_lately1. Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm I already told you about my balm obsession- but this one is a bit more than that.  I gifted these sweet little balms to my bridesmaids & closest friends and they could not have been a more perfect addition to their bags.  2. Shopping for little pink onsies again. No, these are not for me- but in the next few months THREE little girls will be born (two step sisters and one dear friend are all expecting girls!) and I couldn’t be having a better time picking up itty bitty pink things again.  3. A new handbag. I finally cracked and bought myself a much needed new bag– and I am loving it! 4. Ashton Kutcher’s viral video.  I know, this video is everywhere right now.  But for good reason- what an awesome message that we all need to hear from time to time.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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