ways to fight back the bloat

Bloat – what an ugly word and for good reason.  No matter a girl’s size if she’s bloated she’s miserable.  With a big weekend coming up (my birthday and Mother’s Day) I would prefer to feel my best and let’s face it, bloat does not fit into that plan.  This is my list of quick tricks to combat the bloat and feel better about sliding into a fitted dress or the dreaded – a bathing suit.


  1. Drink Water I realize this is not new information but it is shocking to me how many people still do not drink enough water.  Not only does water help reduce bloat but it aids in weight loss, is good for your skin and all in all makes you feel better.  8 8oz glasses a day is the general rule but I try to drink at least 8 12oz glasses in one day (you need to adjust depending on the amount of physical activity you do).  If you find water too boring add tasty ingredients such as lemon or cucumber to boost the taste bud factor.
  2. Take a Cold Shower As cold as you can stand it for the last 2 minutes of your shower (this is not the time to be a wimp, really get that shower cold).  Those 2 minutes of agony will zap you awake, leave you feeling cleaner, give you softer hair and a best of all a svelter figure (ok, you don’t actually lose instant weight but you will feel like you did as opposed to a warm blob coming out of a hot shower).
  3. Ditch the Straw When using a straw you are swallowing unnecessary air which can cause your belly to fill and bulge.  Air making me feel fat, no thanks.bloat_1
  4. Coconut Oil Have we seriously not talked about coconut oil yet?  It’s fabulous for so many reasons (hop on pinterest and type in “coconut oil” – be prepared to buy a gallon). Many studies show that coconut oil aids in digestion – a daily intake of 2 to 3 tablespoons can ease tummy bloat.  I mix mine in smoothies or oatmeal (a fiber rich food also good for digestion).  Basically anything you would not mind a slight coconut taste in would be ideal for adding the oil to, or you can eat it straight up (I can’t do it but more power to you if you can).
  5. Take a Brisk Walk At the very least 15 minutes a day.  We have to get our bodies moving to get the air out and vegging on the couch will only make it worse.  A painful abdomen on top of feeling blah is a miserable combination.
  6. Avoid Sodium It’s the evil root of almost all bloat.  Processed foods contain an excess of sodium and should be avoided when wanting to feel trim.  Food rich in potassium (avocados, bananas, beets), bromelain (pineapple) or contain natural anti-flatulence agents (fennel – this is what gripe water is made of) are your best bet for keeping excess air or water out of the belly (unless of course you have a sensitivity to any of these foods – then they should be added to the do not eat list).
  7. Skip the Soda There is gas inside of carbonated beverages which in turn gives you well, you know what it gives you.  Diet soda is worse because it can contain sorbitol which is hard for your body to digest.  We all know soda in any form is not good for us, drink water instead.
  8. Go Gluten Free If you are really serious about fighting back bloat try going gluten free for a week.  Many of us are mildly sensitive to wheat, it is hard for the body to break down and can cause bloating.  I am not saying you need to go gluten free 100% but if you are finding yourself continually bloated it’s definitely something to consider trying.

Next time you are feeling like you need to deflate I hope these tips prove to be helpful.  At the very least I’ve got you taking ice cold showers, eating coconut oil and refusing straws which are all very good things in my eyes.


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