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preschool, last day

It feels like last week that I was snapping pics and sending this girl off to preschool. Now here we are, on her last day, with her very first “summer break” starting. May is pulling at my heartstrings like no … Continue reading

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mother daughter basics

Today was just one of those good ones. There was no sibling bickering, Jettie crafted a gorgeous cityscape out of stickers and poms, I got to shower without ending up with a Bing in the tubĀ and the sun came out … Continue reading

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chilly opening day

We are a baseball family…sort of. Sticky, he will stay up till 2AM to watch the Reds lose in a 16 inning game. Me, I love going to the ballpark. Thankfully our kids seem to have the baseball bug too. … Continue reading

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little valentine style

We came incredibly close to 86-ing the photo Valentine’s this year. Had it not been for last year’s adorable reminder hanging on the fridge I just may have gone through with it…. I am so thankful that didn’t happen. Photographing … Continue reading

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jettie’s preschool style

Today was a day I couldn’t even of fathomed a few years ago. I vividly remember staring at my little baby and thinking “This one won’t grow too fast.” “She’ll be itty bitty forever.” Then I blinked and we are … Continue reading

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