meet the jetsons

The Jetsons Costume #familycostume

“Meet George Jetson.

His boy Elroy.

Daughter Judy.

Jane his wife.”

Can you hear it playing in your head right now? I can! And I could for weeks! What the theme song is missing though are Rosie and Astro. Two key players if you ask me. Of course I could be biased, but the Jetsons wouldn’t be The Jetsons without their trusty robot maid and dog.

The Jetsons Costume #familycostume The Jetsons Costume #familycostumeMany people asked how we convinced Jettie that a cartoon she had never heard of would be a good costume for her. All it took as showing her a picture of Judy and she was SOLD. Poor Bing still has no say in the matter but he rolled with Elroy. (Sort of…our traditions still make Bing a little angry.)

The Jetsons Costume #familycostume The Jetsons Costume #familycostumeWe didn’t take many images because as everyone who does family costumes knows it can be a little crazy! (Worth it but CRAZY nonetheless.) Luckily we had a friend across the street who gave us some documentation. She also made Bing laugh which basically made her our Halloween superhero. Thank you Jess for being so awesome!

A few more we caught with the phone:

The Jetsons Costume #familycostumeThis is our 6th year…and there is no way I could ever pick a favorite. I just hope this kids want to dress up with us all the way into our golden years. If not I always have Sticky at least.

halloween_year6Happy Halloween from our family to yours! Don’t forget to tag #ppjhalloween to share your creations!


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