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mom_son_rainy_day_1It’s not often anymore that we take the time for a style post shoot, but when we do we make sure to find a side road with gobs of trash cans.

(Yes, I am a photographer. Went to school for it everything. What can I say…I like trash cans.)

Really though, this is us walking to a new coffee shop. I figured if I am being real about what I am wearing on a rainy Saturday, than I might as well be real about where I am wearing it.

Plus Bing is cute so you forget all about those cans.

mom_son_rainy_day_2 mom_son_rainy_day_3You guys, I feel so boring of late. What you see is about as stylish as it gets for me. Jacket, jeans, t-shirt, hat and boots – nothing more, nothing less. Yes, I know it’s not that frumpy of a look, and I also know those pieces can be mixed up, but the reality is I am almost always in my momiform.

Half of me feels great about this while the other is feeling forgotten. “Obsessed with all things fashion” Brandy is getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror of life. I am not sure how to digest all of this and quite frankly, I sometimes want to put the car in reverse and throw some damn heels on.

Here’s the deal as far as I can tell…Bingham equals game changer. The second kid I tell you, he knocked my socks off. All the “spare” time I had with one child is now not enough for two. (Of course, I also look at gorgeous, perfectly toned moms on Instagram with their 5 kids, impeccable homes and amazing fashion sense and think WHAT THE HELL???!! I am convinced they own ewoks, oompa loompas or minions – you know, a tribe of small and helpful creatures. That’s the only explanation.)

That Bing of ours though, the dashingly handsome – lovable second child, also equals a whole lot of happiness that we never knew we needed. It goes without saying that I’d wear a potato sack everyday if it was a requirement for him to be ours.

Ultimately, it’s okay that I am in a momiform most of the time, and it’s okay to miss the heels. I would like to find “the middle” of these two extremes in small bursts throughout my week though. Feeling good about myself physically is huge – so eating right and staying on track with workouts is vital. I also need more date nights…LOTS more. Lastly, and this is a big one for me, I need to dress up more often, even if I am working from home. Something I used to be good at but have gotten a little lazy about the last year. I don’t feel so great if I’m in comfy clothes for a few days in a row. I need to throw on a dress and a pair of tights and make my husband think I am going somewhere other than to the grocery or picking up kids.

With all this said…there is a fondness I have with my “momiform”. Most days I will probably stick to it – mixing pieces in and out as best I can. Those heels aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. (Please don’t tell me feet grow as a person ages though…)

mom_son_rainy_day_4 mom_son_rainy_day_5 This last one is not exactly the best pic but I had to throw in one of how most of the images look. Me, with my mouth open, trying to get a grumpy two year old to be happy. We do what we can, right?mom_son_rainy_day_6BRANDY jacket similar/t-shirt Target/jeans similar/hat similar/boots Hunter BING shirt similar/pants H&M/shoes Converse/hat similar

In case you noticed..Bing needs rain boots. Total unprepared parent moment. Those happen. (To me a lot.)


Brandy J

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