diy michael phelps, nicole & boomer costume

Looking for a super easy, super fabulous, super 2016 Halloween costume???? Well you can call off the search. I, and one kick-butt (willing) couple, are proud to present Michael Phelps, his fiancé Nicole and Boomer Phelps.

Gosh I love Halloween.

DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer Costumes

Here is what you are going to need:

Michael Phelps:



  • baby doll (unless you have a real baby)
  • white onesie
  • navy track pants
  • white duct tape (to wrap around the next item you need – the domes)
  • styrofoam domes (Cover domes in tape, hot glue to each side of baby’s head. Do not do this on a real baby. You can either purchase white headphones and attach star stickers or purchase the real Boomer headphones here.)
  • black ribbon (Band for headphones. Hot glue to the inside of each dome.)
  • star stickers (To attach to headphones and baby wrap.)
  • 1.5 yards of red stretchy fabric, cut in half lengthwise and attached by sewing or hot glue on one end of each piece together, making one lone length of fabric. (This is for the baby wrap. Learn how to tie wrap here. Attach white stars to front after wrapped. If using a real baby please use an actual -safe- baby wrap.)


Of course it helps to have killer looks and personality like these two:
DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer CostumesGame face. Nailed it.
DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer Costumes Kelly is actually blonde. (A smoking’ hot one.) Can you believe how much she looks like Nicole??!!DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer Costumes What Olympic dreams are made of!DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer CostumesLucky for me, Kelly and Adam brought along their wonderful children. Who also happen to have eager participation type attitudes. (My favorite kind of people.) I can’t get over these four. They are so awesome!

DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer Costumes DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer CostumesFamily goals!

DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer CostumesAnd of course we can’t forget Boomer…the most laid back baby I have ever photographed.

DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer CostumesA HUGE THANK YOU to Adam, Kelly, Sofia and Sam! I knew you guys would rock this out but I had no idea you’d make my Halloween costume dreams come true!!!! Thank you for being so freaking fantastic! A million times THANK YOU!

Alright you guys, the Halloween posts have begun! Don’t forget I want to see YOUR take on Halloween. Whether it’s decor or costumes, tag #ppjhalloween on any and all social media. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see your posts! So keep the coming! Cheers to Halloween! EEK!!!

Brandy J





DIY Michael Phelps, Nicole & Boomer Costumes

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5 Responses to diy michael phelps, nicole & boomer costume

  1. Shyla says:

    Gosh. Halloween AND baby names …. I do wish we lived closer. *heart eyes for daaaaaaaayyyyyyys*

  2. Christine says:

    Love this costume! How do you do the baby tie wrap?

  3. Jenny Jordan says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! I followed your tips and had an award winning outfit! let me know how to send you a pic. So many people loved it. Thanks Pretty Plain Janes for the best costume idea!!!