bingham at two

bingham_2_years_old_5Cute, so sweet and rotten as hell.

First he’ll smile at you. A charming, mesmerizing, not to be trusted sort of grin. Then he’ll come in for the snuggle…a hard, “best snuggle ever” sort of snuggle. And next, out of nowhere, he will bite you. Or pinch you. Or grab something on your body he is not suppose to grab (ie glasses, hats, moles…).

My mom says “he’s a sour patch kid.” He totally is…and I wouldn’t want him any other way. (Most of the time.)

bingham_2_years_old_2One thing about this kid, he rebounds pretty fast. At first, we had this reaction to a photo shoot:

bingham_2_years_old_3Not a minute later we had this:

bingham_2_years_old_7But mostly we chased while he ran. All boy, all the time. 100%.

bingham_2_years_old_1 bingham_2_years_old_4When Jettie turned 2 I honestly do not remember the “terrible” part. (My man claims I have a memory like a steel trap, therefor I am fairly certain I would recollect such an experience.) Bing though…pretty sure I won’t forget this kind of orneriness.

On one hand, he’s exhausting and the rottenness is incredibly trying on my patience. On the other, it’s the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. And that my friends, is spectacular.

bingham_2_years_old_6Or guy Bing. The best son, baby brother and little shiz our family could ask for. I am so grateful for the joy he brings to us and everyone he encounters. He truly is impossible not to love.

Cheers to TWO Bing-A-Ling!


Brandy J

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