memorial day weekend 2016

Most weekends are good…some just treat you better than others. This one was especially kind.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016There was nothing really special planned. No big road trip or exotic new place. We ate ice cream, frequented parks, visited the zoo and made s’mores. Typical summer weekend at home. I am not sure why it felt so especially well, special…but it did and for that I am grateful.

We talked to Jettie quite a bit about Memorial Day. What it means and the sacrifices that were made so we can have the simple memories represented in those squares above. It’s not easy for a 5 year old to completely wrap her head around, yet without any prompting, she dedicated a song to the “fallen men of the Army” in one of her improv evening performances. That made us very proud.

Thank you to our fallen heroes. It feels incredibly unfair that anyone has to lose their life in order to protect the freedom of others. There are no words to truly describe the appreciation we feel for your selflessness. The memory of your bravery will live on forever in our hearts. Thank you.


Brandy J




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