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Mary Poppins CostumeIn this past week our Jettie Jean turned 5, graduated from preschool and had a dance recital. Phew… that’s a lot for a little girl (but really her mom). Looking back I could not be more proud of how she handled it all, especially knowing how easily overwhelmed she can get (like her mom). The week ended a little rocky but we made it to the end with a girl still smiling and that’s all that really matters.

I am so happy we took the time to do this Poppins shoot. Jettie seems to be developing the same party bug that I have…these images are going to mean a lot to both of us in the years ahead.

Mary Poppins Costume Mary Poppins CostumeWe initially were going to do a white button up, black skirt and red ribbon “bow tie” for Jettie’s Mary Poppins look. Very easy and classic. It was a last minute decision to grab this dress as I was leaving the morning of her party. I thought it’s her party…let her choose between skirt or dress. [Plus I got the dress on clearance last year and hadn’t seen it on her yet.]

Of course she chose dress and it was the best decision ever. [Big thanks to my mom for the absolutely FABULOUS umbrella.]

Mary Poppins Costume Mary Poppins CostumeIf you know Jettie you know the images below are so her. Girl can not stay serious, no matter how hard she tries. [That middle one kills me!]

Mary Poppins Costume Mary Poppins CostumeThe hat, the dress, the gloves, the umbrella…they are all fabulous. But my fave is the girl rocking them, and she always will be.


Brandy J




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One Response to jettie jean, mary poppins style

  1. Courtney says:

    This reminds me of when I dressed my 2-yr old up as Mary Poppins for Halloween! I made her hat from a doll hat that looks just like Jettie’s, and we had the same umbrella, and I even got the little bag/purse that looks like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag to trick or treat with. So so cute!!!!