poppins party prep

Every year there’s a “party notebook” I tote around for at least 3 months. It’s full of doodles, ideas, hopes, dreams…and mostly overambitious goals. Without a doubt Jettie’s┬áMary Poppins theme has me busting at the seams with all sorts of “we could to do this and we could do that”. (“We” would be Sticky and my mom. Feel free to pity them, they certainly deserve it.)

If I seem/have seemed a little MIA or off lately it would be due to all this party prep. When we only had Jettie, life/work/blog/party planning was much simpler. Bubba adds his own element of craziness, which we wouldn’t trade for anything. (Not even the carousel horse that Julie Andrews actually rode in the movie…not that of you have one of those, right?)

Is it madness to prepare for these parties? Heck yes. Do I love it? More than you could ever know.

This weekend was dreary and all in all gross if we are just talking weather. Lucky for us we had party shopping to do.

poppins_prep_1I absolutely cannot wait to see this all come together. If you want a little taste of what’s to come you can check out her invite on etsy.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Brandy J




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