weekend wrap-up

The¬†weekend started with an on the loose trailer ramming into the front of our home. [Yes, that is as bizarre as it sounds.] Thankfully no one was hurt except a set of steps and some potted plants. That evening Sticky and I cheers-ed to an uneventful “rest of the weekend”. Miraculously that is just what we got. (With a princess party thrown in there.)

042416_weekendEarlier today Jettie and I were crafting while Bing was quietly looking at books…aka pooping. [Reading material and #2s start at a young age for men apparently.] Taylor Swift’s “22” was playing in the background when I caught a whiff of the little guy. I swept him up and sang along with Taylor “I don’t know about you, buy I’m smelling skinky Poo-ooo…”

Jettie cracked up and said “Mom, you’re hilarious!”

That was a big time mom win moment. Thank goodness I’m hilarious to one of the few people I care whether or not I am hilarious to. Especially since I know my “mom you’re hilarious” days are surely numbered with her.

I hope everyone one had a bizarre-less and hilarious weekend!






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