9 years ago we said yes to us. Yes to a life of shared dreams and aspirations. Yes to loyal sidekicks, trusted partners and #1 fans. There is no one in this entire universe I could envision spending my everything with. He is it for me. And that yes was the best yes ever.

You collect a lot of great memories when you share a life with a person, here are just a handful of ours…


Our honeymoon was the first time both of us had been overseas. We planned it for our one year anniversary and allowed someone else to make all the arrangements. It may have been a foreign land but everything about that trip felt like us. It’s hard to pick a favorite place, but if we find our way back to that little hotel on Lake Como I won’t be disappointed at all.

NYC is never ever a bad idea in our world. We have been several times but that frigid Valentine’s Day was a trip to cherish. I always feel special when Sticky holds his arm out for me to slide mine underneath….but in the city it gives me butterflies.

We made a day trip to Baltimore in between a Pennsylvania wedding and a Virginia family session we had scheduled. No one but us knew that 2 weeks before we got our first heartbeat on an ultrasound. [Insert lump in throat. I am such a sap!] A week before that and the heartbeat was still there. We exhaled a little…and started to plan for a baby. Cloud 9 does not even begin to describe our emotions at that time. He was everything for me through all those losses…and now me and my best friend felt free to dream about baby. Yeah, Baltimore was good.

02.23.16. 9 years. He’s still my best friend and those butterflies don’t stop. I’m not sure I deserve a man with a heart like his but I’m forever grateful.

Plus he’s easy on the eyes…so yeah, I’m one lucky girl.

Cheers to NINE!



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