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These Things1My brother in law Kurt gave me the most fantastic DVD for Christmas this year. Waking Sleeping Beauty is interesting, thought provoking and above all inspiring. It is everything you would expect about a documentary that showcases the artists who made up Disney during it’s animated movie revival years. I remember the rise…from The Little Mermaid to The Lion King and thinking wow, no one does it like Disney. This DVD portrays that it’s not all roses in the creative department, yet when the dust settles those unforgettable characters prevail above all else. Must see for any Disney buff./2Another gift that is blowing my mind is the Hario pour over coffee system my mom gave me. I was not sure what to think at first. I’m a french press gal and have been for years. This thing takes filters and patience…2 things I own little of. Well, mom knows best in this scenario because the coffee that comes out of this wacky system is flipping awesome. Clean, crisp, smooth – the best coffee I have ever made bar none. Try it. Love it. And use your old system when you are in a rush./3I love me some festive ceramic plates and while I have Christmas and Halloween covered I do not have Valentine’s. Crate & Barrel always has cute options…if I catch these bad boys on sale they are mine!/4It’s winter, there’s snow on the ground and everything. Soup everyday, all day with this easy potato version being a weekly guest./5Jettie and her dad cracking peanuts and sharing stories is one of my all time favorite Rammel household traditions. It’s a mess this time of year but I truly don’t care. My only wish is that she remembers doing this with him when she gets older.



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