charcoal for whitening

I feel like charcoal is the new coconut oil and I want to know who out there is using it? More specifically for whitening their teeth?

Here is what I’ve gathered so far in my reading of charcoal. It contains millions of tiny pores that can absorb things like chemicals, poisons and even gas from our bodies. It then safely removes them. Awesome right? I’ve also read that many hospitals keep activated charcoal on hand for it’s super absorbing of poison power.

Now before you go popping charcoal supplements do know it is advised to take 4 hours from eating or medications as it can absorb the good stuff too. Also, consult a physician before taking any supplements to ensure your personal health safety.

Time to talk teeth. Since charcoal can absorb things like poison you better believe it absorbs stains, toxins and bacteria from our teeth and mouth. Some oil pullers out there are also sprinkling a little charcoal dust into their oil to enhance toxin removing capabilities. (Coconut meets charcoal and fights crime in our mouth basically.)

How does this charcoal teeth whitening thing work exactly? In a nutshell you wet your brush, dip it in the black powder and brush for 2 minutes. It’s a pretty gruesome act. You may want to keep the kids away as to not scare them with your zombie teeth. Many claim that after a few days of doing this before bed (you brush with your regular toothpaste in morning) they have not only fresher breath but whiter teeth as well.

I love the idea of using something natural to whiten teeth. To be frank all those whitening chemicals freak me out. Thanks to amazon I made the charcoal plunge and have been charcoaling my teeth for a few days now. While I have not noticed an extreme difference in color, I have noticed much fresher breath.. which is a much more pleasant way to wake up in the morning.

Here are some charcoal options out there for you (Colgate even makes toothbrushes!):

charcoal whitening

1Smart Ash tooth & gum powder/2My Magic Mud whitening tooth powder/3All Natural Activated CHARCOAL tooth & gum powder/4Colgate slim soft charcoal toothbrushes

I will update this post after I have used the powder a few weeks longer. I am hopeful and so far pretty in love with this black stuff.

If you are using charcoal in any form please share! I would love to hear more about your experience!






*As always, consult a doctor before ingesting any supplements, even if they are natural.*

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