not so scary halloween makeup

You would think any costume that involved elaborate makeup would not be a last minute costume. You would think that but fortunately you are wrong…and so was I.

Last year we had a Halloween party to attend with no clear vision on what we were going to be. I had seen the Roy Lichtenstein inspired makeup and always wanted to try but way I could do that last minute, or could I? The party was set at an art center, which made the look seem even more worth trying. So I sent Sticky a text of things we needed from Walmart (cheap makeup, wig and temporary bright hair color) and started going through our closet to find all things bold and graphic. An hour later we were transformed. Not bad for last minute if I do say so myself.

2015 halloween makeupI think the makeup is intimidating because it looks so fab but it really isn’t as hard as one may think. Was our look perfect? No. Was it perfect for Halloween? Yes. Did we have a great time? Absolutely. I only wish we could do that same look again this year, but that simply won’t do.

Here are a few looks to inspire you this Halloween:

2015 halloween makeup1pretty fawn/2brave lion goddess (love how her hair is made into the ears)/3heart lips (perfect for queen of hearts)/4comic book (Roy Lichtenstein inspired)/5barbed wire eyes/6voodoo doll

Don’t forget to tag #PPJHalloween so we can all see your fabulous costume!



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