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These Five1There may have been a fight conversation or two in the past about the fact that I retain desires/wants of my spousal unit more than my spousal unit retains similar information in regards to me. That french rolling pin proves me oh so wrong. It feels good to know he was thinking about me on his work trip yesterday – and every time I use it I will remember that he did. (See yesterday’s wish list.)/2A long read but one well worth it when you have the time, especially if you are in a rut. Should is easy, must is hard. Hard almost always trumps easy./3Pink Me Up is Jettie’s current favorite read. It’s about a dad who gladly wears pink from head to toe for his daughter’s special outing. A fun read, especially for daddy’s girls./4Last year around this time I made a tomato galette that needs to be revisited before tomato season is gone./5One of my favorite quotes I have ever seen on Pinterest. I know it’s a little brash but come on, how true is this one? In life, relationships, work…it doesn’t matter what, if you put a half effort in, you will get a half effort result. I’m learning where it is worth putting my full ass and where it is not. I think that’s half the battle when it comes to who and what gets my entire booty.

Give this weekend a whole big butt!




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