you say tomato, i say shirt

denim dress shirtForever did it again. Tried to pass off a shirt as a dress. I know it said 33″ in length (2 inches shorter than my 35″ safety zone) and I know it looked short on the leggy, skinny model……..but I had to have it…until I had it.

Me wearing this as a dress…nobody wants to see that. Trust me.

I’m not even sure I could pass this off with tights and feel good about it. I know it doesn’t look terribly short in these images, but believe me, those sides – yeah, those sides ride up to “uh-oh land” whenever one bends or sits. That’s never a safe place to journey.

With all that being said this is a darn good Forever find. Fabric is nice and the cut is boxy without being too boxy. I have considered shortening it a bit – as I’m really not one to ever wear a boxy shirt at this length – but I don’t know, this just may be something I need to keep as is.

What do you think? (Other than I need to put white jeans that fit on my shopping list…I swear the legs widen and shorten with every wash. Damn you Forever and your cheap jeans that only last a season….)

denim dress shirt||WEARING||Forever 21 “dress”/white jean similar/Chinese Laundry Mindy wedge

With a fashion shoot  nowadays we get about 2 minutes to shoot an outfit before the minions take over. That’s perfectly fine with me considering there’s often family outtakes involved.

denim dress shirtJettie just figured out that I have a self timer on my camera. She loves the anticipation of it. Look at her all poised while the rest of us act silly  (okay, just me and Sticky).

denim dress shirtCheers to a great week everyone!



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4 Responses to you say tomato, i say shirt

  1. Kyley says:

    I think maybe a belt, a cardigan, and either a statement necklace or a scarf to break it up a bit would be cute 🙂 otherwise it takes away from your fabulous shape! Xoxo, kyley

    • prettyplainjanes says:

      Thank Kyley! You’re kind of killing my need to wear boxy cut clothes for comfort though! 😉 I do think a long necklace would help elongate the look, and dress it up a bit! I’m definitely planning on wearing it with some leather look pants this fall. xo, brandy j

  2. I just adore you four! xoxo