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These Six1I personally love a belated birthday gift. It’s a surprise on a day that is not your birthday which makes it even more of a surprise. Which is awesome. My friend Lisa made my day with this illustration from the talented BigFashionBook on etsy. A now prize possession in my office. Thanks Lisa!/2Every Wednesday Matt Ballassai chugs a huge-arse glass of wine and well, “whines” about it. And this guy is one good whiner. This week’s was one of the best – why clothes shopping is the absolute worst. The kid one is worth a watch too! (There is foul language, just a warning if the kiddos are near.)/3These cutoffs¬†are quite possibly the most comfy shorts I have ever owned. Great length too! To be completely honest they are not the most flattering (legs could be slimmer) but I chose to ignore that small imperfection. (They run huge so if ordering size down.)/4Tomato season! We did not plant a garden this year but Sticky came home with a box of fresh maters from the Amish yesterday. Tomato sandwiches, tomato pizza, tomato omelets, tomato salsa…we are about to turn into a family of tomatoes. Well, all except Jettie – she thinks they smell good but doesn’t want to put one in her mouth./5Coconut margaritas because it is the weekend and I am ready for a drink./6These two, in their grundies, sharing a stool, at the bathroom sink. GAH! Won’t be long before this scene would be well, so wrong. But I’ll soak the cuteness of it up right now while I can!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!




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