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If you run into me this week be warned that I am in psycho birthday party mode. Something about these 1st birthdays make me a little nutty. (I’ll never forget the look on the cake guy’s face when I ordered a very specific design for Jettie’s birthday – and came back a week later for reassurance that we were on all the same page. Yeah, they hated me.) I honestly thought Bing’s would be on the less crazy side, since I have already done this once before. But no…I am a planning, crafting, let’s make this the most fabulous NYC theme birthday party wacko the world ever did see. Thank goodness my man and the rest of family put up with me. The really do love me…clearly.

Not gonna lie, it has totally slipped my mind that the 4th is coming up (or as Sticky now refers to…party recovery). But our favorite red, white and blue holiday is less than 2 weeks away. Here are a few simple ways to show your patriotism on America’s birthday:

Red White and Beauty1Formula X Liberty & Glory Top Coat/2Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick/3Forever 21 American Flag Aviators/4Splat Hair Chalk Midnight Blue/5Forever 21 American Flag Scarf

Back to skyscraper building…




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