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The PPJ shop has been gaining major momentum since last December and this month I decided to set myself a rather lofty goal. Not wanting to jinx anything, I’ll spare the details of the goal for the moment…but guys, not only is it on track, but it’s ahead of the flipping schedule. Needless to say I am excited. (And slightly busier but in the good kind of way which doesn’t really count as officially being that nasty “b” word.)

Another nasty word is humidity. I am glad this act of nature was given an “ugh whatever” name because it is a silent, evil pain in the ass hair. What does it do to my hair? What does it not do is more like it.

First there’s the time when one spends a solid 30 minutes curling their hair. Better take a selfie now because as soon as you step out of the bathroom your beautiful creation is over. All that fabulous curl will act like you used a popsicle to set it. Annoying.

Then there’s the growth factor. And I don’t mean in the “my hair grows beautiful and long like Rapunzel” way. No, no. This is where the bottom 3/4s of your hair decides to expand outwards while the locks near the roots lay like you slicked them down with motor oil. Not cute.

The absolute worst though is the frizz. Even the tightest bun can’t hide the frizz on top of frizz on top of frizz. Those little curly regrowth hairs from postpartum – yep, those too. It’s a frizzfest.

I have tried many, many products to fight the humidity with little to no success. This monsoon Ohio weather we have going on has me desperate though, and I am ready to seek some new products. I’ve been doing some research with the first 3 below being highly recommended. As for the last 2…those are my ultimate “fight the humidity” products. A bun with a head scarf to hide the frizz or a ball cap to keep the crazy contained. You can’t go wrong with either:


1ALTERNA Haircare bamboo smooth anti-humidity hair spray/2John Freida Frizz-Ease expert finishing polish serum/3Redkin Outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk styling hair serum/4Forever 21 headwrap/5Old Navy baseball cap

If you know how to successfully fight the freeze please do not keep that a secret…us humidity victims need to stick together!



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