these six

these six


1While it takes a lot of searching to find one that is just right, rompers are my warm weather 2015 favorite. Per usual, Forever has the best selection with the least amount of monetary commitment./2Where there’s a holiday weekend there will be sales. Lots of them. Go getcha something pretty!/3A good friend of mine posted this spot on insight into the life of mothering a “difficult” child. I often go on the defense over Jettie’s strong-willed, passionate, defiant behavior and the reactions or comments of others. If you never parented a kid who threw fits than good for you. My kid does and it’s not because we promote or give into them. She just does. She also doesn’t listen and will argue whether or not the sky is blue. This is Jettie – and it’s only a small part of who she is. Because at the end of the day my little girl is flipping awesome, definitely not an a-hole and someone who I couldn’t be more proud of. I for one can’t wait to see what all her fired up passion leads to./4Seems like everyone is going a little shorter these days. I have been on the shorter side – sported a chin length bob shortly after Sticky and I got married. It was okay, I needed the change, but longer hair suits me. And a according to this guide, long hair is my thang./5Last year I made this raspberry beer cocktail while 8 months pregos with Binger boy. It was torture to watch others partake in every refreshing sip. Not this year…not this year./6There are certain songs that push me to run a little harder, and a little longer. When I hear “Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…” it’s on! I want this song played at my memorial. Spice Girls forever!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!


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