The last couple of weeks I have not been myself. Usually I can make a decision in a snap. No regrets or second guessing. For the last two days I have redesigned a birthday invitation for a certain 4 year old at least a half a dozen times. Too cheesy. Too simple. Too blah, blah, blah. Every revision would probably be accepted by the majority of others but I can’t seem to get there.

In lieu of driving myself crazy with another decision I am putting one out there for the rest of you. Sticky and I have events coming up in the very near future that I need some fantastic new attire for. My time for online shopping is quickly running out…I need to order something and I needed to do it yesterday. Here are some items in my virtual window shopping dreams. All would work for our upcoming obligations – but which one catches your eye?

042015_options1ASOS wiggle dress with split from – mostly because I don’t have a great red dress./2Closet skater dress in botanical floral – love the idea of a dark floral number./3Topshop sleeveless wrap front jumpsuit – there are few fashion dreams I want more than being able to rock the heck out of a jumpsuit. This one is particularly classy and fabulous./4Forever 21 abstract print cutout dress – to be real, barring being utterly intoxicated I would more than likely never wear this. But someone needs to because it is fun./5Bariano melissa dress – simply stunning and more than I would like to spend. I’d also need a gallon of Fake Bake but I would do it if this looked good on me.

Thanks for the help!


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5 Responses to indecisive

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love love love the expensive #5… but to justify the price– yikes!
    However–there’s one at Forever 21 which is very similar at a fraction of the cost!! And it’s just as romantic, flowy and gorgeous. (found it by accident when I clicked your black floral link)
    It’s item Product Code : 2000115135
    Wish I could attach a picture, but it’s a chiffon halter maxi dress.
    Happy shopping!

  2. Theresa Robideau says:

    Love the jumpsuit and think you’d look great in it!! It’s simplicity offers lots of options for accessories and shoes, and it’s perfect as is without any additions at all. You could wear that to lots of events and occasions.

  3. Shannon Gebert says:

    How fun is the red dress?! But my heart dreams for the pink one. You’ll be gorgeous in either.

  4. Katie Torres says:

    I vote for 5, any surprise there? Gorgeous and classic, but 3 is my recommended second choice. 🙂

  5. Frances says:

    The jumpsuit is going to be the easiest to accessorize in different ways and you said you had more than one event. Just wonder how easy it is to get in/out for a bathroom visit?

    I love the red dress but people will really remember it, if that bothers you wearing it to more than one event. I love the shape, not just the colour. It might come in other coulours?

    I also love the floral print. So pretty.

    OK, that’s not helping. If I had to cast a vote it would be for the jumpsuit.

    The pink looks a bit formal to me. Fine for some occasions but not for all.