messy criss-cross ponytail

Between working out and a grabby nine month old my hair is almost always in a ponytail.  One way I avoid the rut of it all is by switching the way it’s pulled back as much as possible.  This trick is a new favorite because it is fantasticality easy.  It’s also low, loose and comfortable – perfect for anyone who normally gets a headache from ponytails and buns.  Give this a go the next time you need to pull that mane back!

messy criss-cross ponytail1Take a large section of hair at the top of head a lightly tease with fingers. 2Using both hands grab a 3″ to 4″ section on each side of head. 3Pull sections around to the back of head and criss-cross over each other. 4With sections still in hands wrap underneath the rest of hair, at the nape of neck, criss-crossing again underneath.  (You can flip your head over to help get the sections around your hair.) 5Secure ponytail with elastic hairband. 6Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap around hairband to conceal it.  Secure with bobby pin and finish with hairspray.

Looking at the above images makes me think two things.  1 – I could have curled my hair a little better and 2 – it’s time for my at home hair toning trick.  I did at least paint my nails today.  (Something that very rarely happens.)



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