into trenches

Last week I talked pants and have been haunted ever since.  Everywhere I look there is someone in the cyber world rocking all three of those “scary” styles.  To top it off I stumbled across 3 articles about how skinny jeans are out and flares are where it’s at.  Weren’t we forced into the exact opposite not so many years ago?  Guess I should have held onto those Gap Long and Leans…

They can switch which denim we should be wearing all they want, in the end I’m forever and always an essentials kind of girl.  Timeless pieces have my heart.  How on earth I have yet to own a classic trench then is beyond me.  There could not be a better, more classy option for this time of year.  You could be sporting a t-shirt, jeans and flats – throw a trench over top of it all and you’re instantly one sophisticated woman.  The quintessential confidence booster.  Why again do I not have one?  This is the season to remedy that and here are a few I am eyeing:

trench_coat_srping_20151Calvin Klein double-breasted belted trenchcoat/2Victoria’s Secret long trench/3Gap classic trench/4Forever 21 classic double-breasted trench coat/5ASOS trench with biker detail in skater fit




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