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I spent a few minutes this weekend reminiscing over old posts and realized I have not posted an outfit in a long long time.  Yeah, sorry about that.  To be frank I have totally fallen into hermit, unwashed ponytail hair, yoga pants wearing, mom with baby mode.  I could blame it on nursing.  Or the winter.  Or the fact that Sticky travels a lot this time of year…but I won’t.  I have simply been lazy in the “put myself together” department.  And it is undoubtedly taking it’s toll.

I told Sticky there is one big thing we need as soon as humanely possible.  A legit, no making a run for diapers, date night.  (I’m in desperate need of a pedicure as well but I feel like that’s asking a bit much.)  In my head it goes like this: A table for 2 in one of our favorite restaurants.  We’ll drool over food we hardly ever get the chance to eat anymore.  Finished with drinks at the bar while sitting dangerously close to each other.  We’ll talk about our dreams, flirt a little and I’ll check him out when gets up to go to the bathroom.  (He’s so handsome, I can’t help myself.)  Just typing all that out plants the biggest smile on my face.  Hopefully Mr Rammel can take a blatantly obvious hint.

If said date night happens I will do an outfit post.  Promise.


Tired of winter yet?  Not me, but only because I realize it will not be over any time soon so I might as well have a positive attitude.  I do however dislike the annoying little things that come with winter…like my gorgeous boots covered in nasty salt.  Here is a quick guide to winter defense for your wardrobe:


 Static Guard/Conditioner/Vinegar/Fabric Shaver/Lint Roller



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