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Ever since our trip to Savannah Jettie has been asking more questions about weddings and marriage.  Today she proclaimed that when she gets married Bingham will be her husband.  (Um, I don’t think so Sketts.)  Of course I explained to her why we do not marry our siblings.  Went on to say that someday she may meet someone really special and nice who she will want to call her husband (and is hopefully not related to us in any way).  20 minutes later she came up to me and said “But mom, I think Bingham is a nice boy and I want him for my husband.”  I simply smiled and thought that is so very sweet…and I can’t wait to put that on the internet for her to read when she’s 13.


Alright ladies I need some help.  After several years of denying the fact that I do indeed need real snow boots I am officially in the market for a pair.  While I know quite a bit about many other types of boots I have to admit my snow boot knowledge is very limited.  In fact, I have none at all.  In my quick search today I noticed a. they are not exactly cheap (but why would they be, they keep your feet warm, dry and free of frost bite) and b. they are shockingly way cuter than I expected.  What I want is quality, as in my feet better stay warm and dry, and stylish enough to wear while running errands.  Below are a few of my finds so far (the 6s are making me drool, they are also the steepest in price) but I want to know what you experienced fashionista snow bunnies think.  Any brand, any price – the ones you love and why.  Thank you in advance!

snow_boots_20151Timberland Waterproof Cold Weather Boots2Sorel Joan of Arc Boot3Baffin New York Boot4Rocket Dog Tina Boot5Helly Henson Solli Tall Boot6Sorel Conquest Carly Boot

I keep staring at those black Sorels, gosh they’re pretty…





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2 Responses to snow boot virgin

  1. Beth says:

    Sorels. Sorels. Sorels. Trust me. I’ve had the same pair since moving to Upstate NY an they’ve made it through 8 brutal winters. And they’re cute. 😉

  2. Ashley says:

    Sorels. Love mine. Keep my feet cozy and stylish. Worth the $.