diy brush cleaner

Today we are “snowed in” and keeping cozy- doing things like organizing our out-of-control toy room, and turning our living room into a princess figurine palace.  (Which I realize is completely contradictory.)  Adelynn has been begging all day to head out into the 9 degree weather and build a snowman, but as I sit here under two blankets I think that is probably going to be a daddy activity when he gets home in a few hours.  Brr. 

While we are hunkered down keeping warm, I am still trying to reorganize my house from the Christmas craziness.  It’s so strange how leading up to Christmas day all of the decorations feel magical, the gifts all perfectly tidy and wrapped under the tree, and then Christmas day rolls around and all of the sudden you feel more like get it all out of here- now.  It’s kind of like spring cleaning, but you can’t open your windows so it’s more like cabin fever cleaning.  Whatever it is, it needs to happen around here.


So, in light of cabin fever cleaning- I bring you this handy dandy little hairbrush cleaner diy.  Because no one likes the gunk that builds up around your bristles.

Here’s what you need:


Step one, clean the hair out of your brush using a comb, scissors, another brush- whatever works for you.


Eck.  Look at that brush.  Okay, now look away and pretend you didn’t see it.

Step two, submerge your brush into a bowl of hot, shampoo-y water.  (A few drops will do, then swish them around!)

Step three, wait a few minutes, then use your toothbrush to scrub away at the bristles of the brush.




Now lets all vow to clean our brushes out more often…

(P.S.- this is the best paddle brush ever.  Get yours here.)



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